What is a gold melting furnace? 

gold melt furnace

General Descriptions:

Induction Melting furance is widely used for Gold Melting, Silver Melting and Copper melting.  These induction gold melting furances are used in any realm of gold melting from High and Low Production Mining facilities to Precious Metals Refining entities to precious metals wholesale and retail buyers looking to melt their metals for more accurate assays.

Induction Melting offers a number of benefits of casting gold over traditional methods of melting.  Induction Heating is considered a Green Technology, as it does not put off any harmful emissions into the atmosphere, since heat is being generated by alternating magnetic current into graphite or SIC crucible.  Other advantages of casting gold are very fast heat up times, frequency stirring for more homogenous melts and induction melting technology does not heat up the atmosphere the user is working in.  The only heat being generated is the heat from the actual melt.

How to use it?