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Jig Concentrator is one of the ideal devices in energy-saving gravity separation, mainly used in the mining industry for ore dressing, such as tungsten, tin, gold,etc. Our jig machine adopts advanced jig technology, reach the leading level.

  • High Performance & Ease of Operation

  • Wide Capacity Range

  • Low Environmental Impact

  • 1 year quality warranty, 24 hours customer service

jig machine

Working principle

jig working


The jig separator is a deep-groove type of equipment in the mining industry. The jigging indoor sieve plate is made of punched steel plate, braided iron mesh or purling. The flow of water through the sieve plate into the jigging chamber should raise the bed to a small height and be slightly loose. The dense particles are partially localized. The pressure and sedimentation velocity are large and enter the bottom layer, and the particles with low density are transferred to the upper layer. When the water flow drops, the fine particles with high density can also enter the lower layer through the gradually tight bed gap. The mechanism for supplementing the layered agitating water flow according to the density adopts the piston in the early years. The piston chamber is located beside the jigging chamber, and the lower part is connected. The eccentric link mechanism drives the piston up and down.

Machine Details

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