Project Description

Double-impeller Leaching Tank


Compare double impeller leaching tank with the ordinary mixing tank, it adopts the double impeller, the mixing of pulp can be more uniform, in terms of energy consumption, the more saving energy. the impeller use wrapping adhesive technology, long service life, moral give in to the gas use is for gas, air evenly.

  • Rubber impeller in large diameter, rotational speed is low

  • Easy installation, operation, and maintenance

  • Quality design, long service life

  • 1 year quality warranty, 24 hours customer service

Product Structure

vat leaching tank


The series leaching tank is suitable for less density,low viscosity,

low sedimentation velocity,more than 90% particle size in the -200 mesh,in the gold leaching,adsorption and other mixed

operation of slurry concentration is less than 45% (by weight).Without crushing materials for the easy crushed materials,

it is more superiority to adopting this machine.

Double impeller leaching tank equipped with motor, cycloidal planetary gear speed reducer, bearing block and agitating shaft, is characterized by compact structure, little occupied space, and the agitating shaft equipped with a double impeller , from the top view the impeller rotating clockwise, each impeller composed of 4 blades, and the angle of the top blade and the below one is 45 degree. The compact air gets through the elbow pipe or the hollow shaft to the tank’s bottom, the raising air plays the role of mixing , at the same time the big bubble shattered by the impeller changing into small bubbles, in the end the pulp and air reaches fully mixing and sodium cyanide solution contacts with the pulp completely, thereby gets the better gold leaching result. The design of this device keeps the impeller low-speed moving, reducing the possibility of wearing or smashing the active carbon, so as to achieve high leaching rate, high absorption rate and collects more gold.

Technical Parameters

leaching tank data


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