Project Description

Magnetic Disc Separators

Also called Dry magnetic separators, 3-disk magnetic separator.

Magnetic Disc Separators are widely used to ensure an accurate separation of materials that have varied magnetic susceptibilities. This dis magnetic separator is mainly used in a process to extract primarily tantalum from coltan, which is a combination of columbite and tantalite.

  • Very high magnetic field intensity 16000gauss – 20000gauss
  • This separator can separate four different minerals in one time.
  • This separator can get the final concentrate of three to four mineral.
  • Ta & Nb grade can reach 60% by using this separator.
  • It’s easy to install, adjust, and operate.
  • The magnetic intensity of each disc is adjustable from 1000-20000 gauss, could be used for other mineral concentration.
  • Quality Design, and excellent performance

  • low investment, long service life

  • 1 year quality warranty, 24 hours customer service

Product Working Video


  • Concentration of dry granular minerals, such as: ilmenite, garnet, monazite, wolframite, columbite, tantalite, etc.
  • Removal of minerals of low magnetic susceptibility from cassiterite, zircon, scheelite, rutile, etc.
  • Removal of feebly magnetic particle from swart.
  • Purification of quartz for the glass industry.


Feed material is discharged from a hopper onto a Vibratory Feeder tray. A thin layer of material is continuously fed between the rotating high-intensity magnetic discs, where magnetic particles are attracted to the high-gradient zones on the discs. These captured particles are then carried by the rotating discs to the discharge chutes where they are released. Scrapers that are mounted on each of the chutes ensure the total discharge of the extracted magnetic particles. Any feed material that is non-magnetic will pass under each of the three discs and discharge at the end of the conveyor.

Technical Parameters

disc magnetic separator data

Machine Details


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